Hightstown, New Jersey

Below is the post office in Hightstown, New Jersey (zip code 08520). The Hightstown Post Office has lengthy hours for a post office. It’s open Monday-Friday 8:30am-7:00pm and Saturday 8:30am-4:00pm. Parking is available in a lot. Passport applications are accepted and post office boxes are available.

Hightstown, NJ Post Office

Hightstown is a borough in Mercer County in central New Jersey, 13 miles east of Trenton. The borough is located right off exit 8 of the New Jersey Turnpike providing access to New York City and Philadelphia. Route 33 is another major road in the borough. The state highway goes across the state, from Trenton in the west to Neptune in the east. In fact, the post office is located on Highway 33 (also known as Mercer Street) in the downtown area. The address is 150 Mercer Street.

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Hightstown was incorporated in 1853 and is surrounded by East Windsor Township. About 6,000 people call Hightstown home. The borough has a median family income of $72,000.

Lettering on the Hightstown, NJ Post Office

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